08/01/2019 Data Visualization in the Humanities, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh

02/21/2018 Academic research and arts management, Central Saint Martins Online Campus, Hong Kong, London

11/15/2017 Art World Data: visualized - Art Market Studies, FIT | State University of New York

 05/15/2017 Collecting Contemporary Art: Data Visualization in Qualitative Research—Center for Art Market Studies, Technische Universität Berlin 

02/23/2017 Qualitative Data Visualization, The New School for Social Research, New York

02/22/2017 De Stijl, New York University, New York

02/21/2017 Academic research and arts management, Central Saint Martins Online Campus, Hong Kong, London

02/16/2017 An Introduction to Qualitative Data, The New School for Social Research, New York

11/21/2016 Symbolic Exchange: Jacques Derrida - Counterfeit Money at New York University, New York 

09/14/2016 Symbolic Exchange and Contemporary Art: Marcel Mauss - The Gift at New York University, New York 

04/06/2016 Art and Anti-Art: Marcel Duchamp - Readymades at New York University, New York 

07/17/2015 Curatorial and academic practice in contemporary art at Sotheby’s Institute for Art, New York, 

04/15/2015 Martin Heidegger: The Origin of the Work of Art at New York University, New York

10/26/2014 Qualitative Data Visualization in Psychology at The New School for Social Research, New York

04/15/2011 Collecting Now. Quellen zeitgenössischen Kunstsammelns at Technische Universität Berlin



Teaching Assistant for Professor Boris Groys at NYU

Anne Luther is was the teaching assistant for Professor Boris Groys between 2014 - 2017 at NYU for the courses Theories of the Avant-Garde, Hegel, Kojeve and The End of History, Theories of Symbolic Exchange, The Gaze of The Other and Biopolitical Imagination in Russia. She assisted research for the book Russian Cosmism published with MIT Press and E-Flux and helped organize the conference Art Without Death: Russian Cosmism at the HKW in Berlin in 2017. 

Boris Groys, Global Distiguished Professor at NYU Arts and Science is a philosopher, essayist, art critic, media theorist, and an internationally acclaimed expert on late-Soviet postmodern art and literature, as well as on the Russian avant-garde. Professor Groys’s writing engages the wildly disparate traditions of French poststructuralism and modern Russian philosophy. His philosophical writing includes A Philosopher’s DiaryOn the New: A Study of Cultural Economics, and The Invention of Russia, while his contributions to art theory and criticism can be found in Vanishing Point Moscow and The Art of Installation. His most recent books are Under Suspicion: A Phenomenology of the Media and Ilya Kabakov. The Man Who Flew into Space from his Apartment (Afterall/MIT Press, 2006). Dr. Groys has also edited collections of articles in Russian and German and has written more than a hundred articles. Since 1994, in addition to serving as the curator and organizer of numerous international art exhibitions and conferences, Dr. Groys has been a Professor of Aesthetics, Art History, and Media Theory at the Center for Art and Media Technology in Karlsruhe.

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